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Sunday,February 9,1964. An impressionable10 year old sits down in front of the (Black&White) TV in Lubbock, Texas to watch the Ed Sullivan Show and what does he see? There on the flickering screen with bad mono sound is the mass communication phenomenon of all time, The Beatles. Was anybody ever the same after that night? Steve Lott set his path from that moment and in nearly five decades, has never wavered.

There were of course, many junior high garage and pool side bands with friends who are now MD's, Lawyers, Business owners and such....and a few other outlaws as well but the really schooling in music started in between art classes at The University of Texas in Austin, backstage at places like The Armadillo World Headquarters where he met Freddie King for the first time in 1974. The blues legend kindly shared stories and wisdom about guitar, blues and life. On another night at The Armadillo, he gave up his Fender Super Reverb Amp to Roy Buchanan and wound up with a brief stint on the road with that Guitar legend. Steve then joined up with the seminal Austin Reggae band The Lotions in 1976-1980. This band broke all the attendance records for that time in the early Austin music scene and toured the country extensively for the first time.

Along the way came a meeting with Mickey Chung and the Peter Tosh Band and another chance to play with his Jamaican heroes.



As with so many artists of those days, drugs and alcohol took their toll and there was a lost period of time of just trying to survive....

Then an opportunity to go overseas to tour again led to a complete reversal of fortune for Steve. A life in New Zealand and a marriage and family and the beginnings of sobriety in 1993. On Brisbane, Australia with a wife and two young daughters in 1994 led to two break out award winning albums in 1998 and 2000. Many tours of Australia and several acclaimed performances at The East Coast Blues and Roots Festival in Byron Bay ensued.

Returning to America in 2001, Steve met and toured with Kay Kay and Rays for four years, and served as Producer Jim Gaines' musical director for Kay Kay's album"Big Bad Girl" and then moved on to Produce Johnny Rawls' album,"No Boundaries".

There followed another two year stint overseas where the idea started to germinate that would eventually lead to LITTLEWOLF in 2011 where he is today leading the band he has always envisioned....where will all this lead? Hard to say, but where ever it goes, it will continue to be the most amazing of adventures that started on that winter night in 1964 when he heard Paul count in "All My Lovin'"...a thrill that has lasted a lifetime.