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Our story began with me alongside my Swedish
Great Grandmother in her farmhouse kitchen...

everything that came out of her kitchen was made from scratch. Her baked goods continuously brought family and friends together. From my Great Grandmother's step stool I graduated to my Grandmother’s pantry, where I learned to make the perfect dark chocolate cake using the finest Dutch Cocoa and farm-fresh eggs. Rich and creamy chocolate buttercream frosting was always the perfect complement to our beloved family recipe

Their baking tradition has been passed down through each generation of our family and, I am proud to say, continues with myself and my daughter Jessica.

As a toddler, Jessica had her own little baking table set up in the kitchen, and we would work together baking an assortment of tasty creations. Today, we continue the tradition as mother and daughter baking the best cupcakes you will ever taste—guaranteed to send you to "cupcake nirvana". We bake our cupcakes using the freshest ingredients from the finest imported chocolate to fresh organic eggs. We are always searching for new and creative ingredients then mixing them together with passion and love. In keeping with our family tradition, we invite you to share the love, laughter, and unforgettable taste of our cupcakes. They are sure to bring your family and friends together and leave everyone craving for more!

Baker and Owner,
Cozy Cupcakes

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